Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Dog Walking Services

Our entire range of dog walking services have been designed to give you choice. We understand that your dog is unique and should receive the best service tailored to their individual needs, that’s why we offer a range of dog walking services that all provide your dog with plenty of opportunities to run, explore and interact giving him/her the right amount of daily exercise. By using our services we aim to keep your dog fit and healthy and burn off any excess energy they have. This, in turn, usually means a much calmer and more relaxed dog at home.

Group Dog Walks

When you use our group dog walking service you can be sure your dog will have an enjoyable time. Each dog is carefully placed into one of our groups based on their characteristics and needs outlined in the initial consultation. Each group consists of no more than six dogs per person & is walked for 1 hour. As well as walking your dog we also play games with them and encourage social interaction with the other dogs within the group. Each dog gets our full attention and supervision during the walk and if permission has been provided, we will let them run freely to explore the surrounding grasslands, lakes and woods. If your dog likes to socialise, then our group walks are a must for your dog!

Small group 2-4 dogs (1 hour) : £12.00
Two dogs from the same home (group walk) : £15.00

Individual Dog Walks

All of our individual walks are tailored to your dog’s needs, perhaps your dog is unable to exercise or socialise with other dogs? Perhaps you would simply prefer your dog to have one to one attention? With a combination of walking, fun agility, scent and playful games, whatever, the reason for an individual walk you can be sure your dog will have a blast with us!

30 Minute Individual Dog Walks:

These are tailor made shorter walks, which are particularly good for dogs who can’t manage longer walks.

One to One (30 minutes) :  £10.00

1 Hour Individual Dog Walks:

These are tailor made longer walks, which provide plenty of exercise to keep your dog healthy.

One to One (1 hour) :  £20.00

Weekend Dog Walks

Do you have a busy weekend coming up? Why not take the pressure off juggling everything and use our professional weekend walk service. We can help on a regular or occasional basis so when life gets a little too hectic you can rest assured that your furry loved one will still be exercised. We provide a collection and drop off service; some of our favorite places to walk on the weekends include Surrey Hills, Virginia Waters and Richmond Park. Please note we do require a minimum walking session of 1 hour for all weekend bookings.


Weekend dog walking (1 hour) : £25.00
All day doggy day care: £30.00

Pet Sitting Services

 As a pet owner, you may be reluctant to use dog kennels, catteries or other boarding establishments due to the stress it can cause to your animal. Pets are generally creatures of habit, happiest and healthiest when life is comfortable and simple with no surprises.

Dogs, cats and other small pets relax more in a home environment and may dislike the change that can occur when they are taken to a boarding establishment. That’s why we recommend our home based pet sitting services, despite your absence; your pet can enjoy the familiar smells, home comforts and valuable companionship that they truly deserve.

Whether you require a dog sitter, a cat sitter or perhaps an exotic animal sitter, we can help! Our pet sitting services are perfect for your night out, business trip, weekend away, or long overdue holiday.Our professional pet sitters are happy to look after your pet in the comfort of their own home, so you can rest assured that not only will your pet be cared for, your home will be too.


Pet sitting one dog in your home (per 24 hours): £30.00
Pet sitting two dogs in your home (per 24 hours): £35.00
One home visit per day: £12.00
Two home visits per day: £18.00

What’s included?

• A free initial consultation, to discuss your dog’s exercise routine & any other special requirements.
• A free trial walk, to introduce your dog to us.
• Collection and drop off service (certain distances).
• Same dog walker and time every day.
• Water & treats during a walk.
• A towel dry.

Areas we cover:

Our pet sittings and dog walking services are available in Flore, Weedon Bec, Upper Heyford, Daventry and the surrounding areas.

What to do next?

If you would like to arrange a free consultation please complete our contact form here or alternatively you can call us on 07488 713604 to discuss our services in more detail. We are also happy to arrange a complimentary trial dog walk with your walker to make sure that you are 100% happy before you start.